Maintenance & Consultancy Management

Our Maintenance & Management services can be categorized into the following areas:

Maintenance Management

  • Co-ordinate and supervise maintenance and management works. Ensure all works and service contracts are properly carried out accordingly to the terms and conditions of the contracts.
  • Conduct regular inspection of the property, plants and equipment based on master preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Advise and evaluate quotations, tenders, selection and engagement of contractors.
  • Supervision of works by contractors on repairs and replacement.

Project Management

Our involvement in project management undertakes both executive & advisory functions while acting as the owner’s representative and assisting owner on all matters relating to the project.

We help to ease the owner chores of managing the project and leaving major decisions on design and cost to the owner based on evaluated recommendations.

We lead the project team by holding and chairing regular project meetings to ensure a successful project completion.

Our  scope of services to be provided can be categorized into three areas:

  1. Design Development
  2. Pre-Contract Management
  3. Post-contract Management

Fire Safety Consultancy

  1. Conducting Fire Safety Inspection periodically by our consultant
  2. Based on the inspection finding, our consultants will give recommendation / rectification for any safety lapse found
  1. An inspection record consisting the findings and recommendation will be provided
  2. Conduct yearly fire drill along with table top exercises for the fire safety team

Facility Management Program Evaluation & Audit

Nuturing and sustaining the growth of properties is the direct result of an effective maintenance and management program.
The purpose of this evaluation and audit is to conduct a visual inspection of building condition for common property